Herberryum - quality natural dried fruits
It all started with a desire to enjoy organic products without additives and preservatives. We followed every tree in our gardens, refined our craftsmanship and created a product, which we want to share with you.
We use apples and plums (our raw materials) of our own production. It is important for us to monitor how fruits grow in our gardens and control the harvesting process. This is the only way we can guarantee our customers high quality and unique taste of finished products.
ПTherefore, we have developed a unique technology production in which dried fruits retain all vitamins and minerals.
There are no flavors, preservatives, fats, dyes. This is a completely natural product for people supporting a healthy lifestyle.
We strive to promote healthy eating and are ready support any initiatives promoting a healthy lifestyle life. A snack can be tasty and healthy. And dried fruits Herberryum are further proof this.
Our task is not just to dry fruits, but to make them useful.
We are proud to present you the best in Moldova dried fruits: apples and plums, which will give you pleasure, energy and the strength of our fertile land.